Samuel Huber


Samuel is the founder of, a funded startup based in London and San Francisco. Admix is a monetisation platform for VR/AR helping developers generate revenue through product placements, and the only VR/AR platform connected programmatically to large adtech companies like Oath. Admix currently works with apps such as High Fidelity, Smash Tanks and Somnium Space. Sam is also running VR/AR Pioneers, a Facebook community launched in June and counting 2,500 developers members, aiming to provide marketing tips for founders to build successful XR companies. He is frequently invited to speak at industry conferences, from Virtuality, Tech Open Air, or VR World; a regular contributor at VRFocus and VRScout, and his work has been featured on websites like Venture Beat. Before Admix, Sam was the co-founder of and a mobile game studio, which he exited.


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