Arnaud Dressen

Wonda VR


Arnaud is the founder and CEO of Wonda VR (PlayLabs MIT '17), a virtual reality software company revolutionising the way we learn and discover the world around us.
A passionate entrepreneur and media innovator, Arnaud has an extensive track record of empowering creators, educators and communicators with new storytelling formats and interactive technologies.
Before founding Wonda VR, Arnaud created Honkytonk Films, an innovative digital studio dedicated to new forms of non-fiction storytelling on the web. For almost 10 years, he lead the company’s award-winning approach to interactive documentaries and produced landmark projects such as “Journey to The End of Coal” which was featured on French leading news site and MIT Docubase.
Based on his experience collaborating with video journalists, filmmakers, interactive designers and creative coders, he launched Klynt in 2011, one of the first interactive video editing and publishing software. 
In 5 years, Klynt became the best-reviewed software chosen by over 300 academic and training programs and by 30,000+ established media, institutions and creative professionals around the world. Arnaud has also worked as a juror, mentor and trainer for major European Festivals, NGOs and Institutions.


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