Marcello Strada srl

Comiso,  Ragusa 
  • Booth: 463

Marcello Strada produces photobook binding machines that work with pneumatica system and adhesive removable cardboard - acid free-

The advantages of our system are: High-end finishing, affordable capital investiments and low operation cost.

Marcello is 51 years old. He founded in the 2007 the brand fotolibrofaidate of Marcello Strada. The brand is today denominated Marcello Strada srl. After only 5 years, in the 2012 he succeeded in making know his brand in Europe and Middle East with his presence in the most important  international exhibitions. He has reached successes after successes and today, after 10 years from his foundation, he is one of the most important suppliers in Europe of binding machines and adhesive removable cardboards to do photobooks. Now Marcello Strada is ready to pursue the greatest and very ambitious project to make know his brand in Usa.

PHOTOBOOK BINDING MACHINES: Our system is pneumatic, for this reason you need only air compressor.  Our products do not contain electrical parts and do not require technical assistance. If an air pipe or a valve must be replaced we will send you the spare parts and the instructions about how you have to change them. Thanks to our machines you can produce professionally finished photobooks in blocks up to 20″ x 20″ / 50 x 50 cm, with up to 65 high-quality photo print pages.The machines guarantee high quality and long lasting binding of all the pages in the photobook.

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ADHESIVE CARDBOARD: We have 3 different kinds of adhesive cardboard. Code AR804 (removable) AP904 (permanent) AP902 (permanent). They are acid free and they are good also for special papers printed with the plotter. They are adhesive in both the sides and work with cold system. Anyway they can be used also if you work with  hot system. You have only to bypass the step of the oven. The remaining process is the same.

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